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They have friendly and knowldegable staff
Posted on 10-Jul-2020
Overall Rating:
I had gone to various workshops to get my car checked as i could not shift in to gear smoothly and also had lost of power. However this issue is an on off issue and not there all the time. other workshops told me there was no problem. one even said they cannot find the problem as it is on off. i went to TT Motorsport and was welcomed by steve and andy. my car was test driven by andy and indeed said something was not right. after opening up my clutch assembly, my clutch bearing, plate and housing were in bad condition. this is because the dealer whom sold me the car changed the clutch plate alone leaving the other old parts behind. Steve worked on my car and he did an excellent job! he even went out of the given work and fixed some minor issues with my car that various shops were not able to. now my car is running fine and its a joy to drive around daily. TT Motorsport has showed outstanding knowledge in cars. They have friendly and knowldegable staff. Thank you TT Motorsport. - Josh TwentyeightlovesSeven
Professional Team
Posted on 20-Jun-2020
Overall Rating:
My first time at TT motorsport, i must say that it was A great experience. Ken is very helpful and detailed. His team is professional and I think I will change my regular service to this shop. - Chan Kwong Tung
I was impressed by Ken n his great team
Posted on 19-Jun-2020
Overall Rating:
I went this workshop for servicing, front n rear absorber change, gearbox repair, water pump change, brake fluid change,... I was impressed by Ken n his great team. Ken is kind n responsive gentleman too. - Patrick Baek
Customer service was tip top
Posted on 18-Jun-2020
Overall Rating:
I was there changing my stock shock absorbers to KYB New SR, service was awesome workmanship was neat and good no worries at all. The staff customer service was tip top, even when I went there when the shop had just open staff getting ready for work they still put on a smile and willingly to entertain your needs. I would have send my car back there to service but unfortunately I stay in the east and the shop is in the west the journey is just too far. Overall would recommend this workshop. Thank you. - Goh Cheng Chuan Ian
Reliable staff and boss
Posted on 11-Jun-2020
Overall Rating:
Reliable staff and boss. they know their stuffs well. few enquiries i have and they answer it without hesitation and full knowledge. my next best workshop. - Mohammad Khairul Kamaruddin
Dedicated, friendly, very knowledgeable and a very CLEAN Workshop
Posted on 27-May-2020
Overall Rating:
Honestly, due to the lockdown, its not easy to get a Workshop whom offer good and quality service until i came across TT Motorsport on Goggle, Ken spontaneously answered to all my queries online. His team of mechanic were dedicated, friendly, very knowledgeable and a very CLEAN Workshop.... Thank you so much guys and sorry for not remembering all your names 🤣😂.. Definitely will be back for my next service..... - M Nizam Mustaffa
Professional and excellent service
Posted on 27-Apr-2020
Overall Rating:
Recommended. The professionalism and the service provided by the staffs was excellent. Thumbs Up! - Dennis Tan
Highly recommended. The pricing was reasonable
Posted on 14-Apr-2020
Overall Rating:
Recently bought a second hand car and decided to bring it here for full servicing. The team of experienced Mechanics got to work. Steve(one of the mechanics) was friendly and patiently walked me through the car and answered all my queries. He emphasised on safety and took a lot of personal pride to look into the details to troubleshoot. I learnt a lot from him about the car. Steve alerted me to the worn out parts and advised me which were critical and needed to be rectified first. They managed to greatly reduce the excessive vibration issues I was facing after purchase of the vehicle. The pricing was reasonable. Highly recommended. Do ring up Ken who will assist you. - Bruno Dunstan
Friendly mechanics and good service
Posted on 02-Apr-2020
Overall Rating:
Recommended. Friendly mechanics and good service. - Afiq Akhtar
Will definitely recommend TT Motorsport to fellow car owners
Posted on 30-Mar-2020
Overall Rating:
Had visited TT Motorsport to get wear and tear parts replaced after reading positive reviews on the shop. I have to say that the service was as described in the positive reviews. A list of things which TT Motorsport did well: 1. Fast response through FB messenger which answered my queries 2. Mechanics were pleasant and friendly 3. The job was done ahead of the estimated time 4. Reasonable pricing 5. Identified my worn out parts correctly, cost saving, only change the necessary parts Overall good experience. Will definitely recommend TT Motorsport to fellow car owners. - Dong Hai
For those who are skeptical about TT, please experience their services yourself!
Posted on 23-Mar-2020
Overall Rating:
I dont understand why is there negative ratings for TT. This is my 2nd time here to service my car. Ken and team have been very professional in handling my car. Standard SOP for checking my car was done. Honest feedback given on what is needed to change and they are not pushy. Keep it up! For those who are skeptical about TT , please experience their services yourself! - AZhar Strauss
Value for money
Posted on 16-Mar-2020
Overall Rating:
Value for money. Shell servicing only $58 - Valarie Soon
Very professional workshop
Posted on 14-Mar-2020
Overall Rating:
Very professional their work. Detailed in the Checks and explained very well to you the process. Very comfortable with the team handling my car. - Timothy Lee
Very responsible workshop
Posted on 12-Mar-2020
Overall Rating:
Very responsible workshop had my audi a3 fixed, very honest workshop keep telling me dun need change some parts cos its still ok. Really hard to find such honest workshop ppl ard! Really kudos to Ken and team!! - Denise Wong
Wonderful experience at TT
Posted on 05-Mar-2020
Overall Rating:
Wonderful experience at TT. Even though I come for just the shell $58. Very detail checks on my car. Recommended me to change the brake pads as it's wearing off. And managed to solve my long time problem of vibrations. - Clayton Ho
Friendly and very good workshop
Posted on 05-Mar-2020
Overall Rating:
Friendly and very good workshop. - Jay Wee
Reasonable price and good workmanship!
Posted on 05-Mar-2020
Overall Rating:
reasonable price. $500+ for my FD engine mounting while the rest of the workshop I asked is about $600+. original parts and good workmanship! good ! - Johann Marican
Honest opinion and best price quoted
Posted on 14-Feb-2020
Overall Rating:
Was glad to chance upon TT Motorsport's servicing promotion and decided to give it a try. Service was personalised and the servicing package was definitely not a disappointment. Do note that the boss, Ken tends to tell you as it is. If oil leaking or brake pads too thin, then die die need to change.(Which is rational and logical). His mantra is "I'll treat your car like it's my own". Guess the pride of upkeeping ones own car and safety of customers is his first priority. Changed brakes and oil sensors, as per his recommendation but waiting eagerly for his brake disc promotion for continental cars.👍 Overall, would recommend if anyone wants honest opinion and best price quoted. Confirm peace of mind. (That's why strictly no discounts from him, as it's already the best price quoted.)😉 Considering to swap from my mechanic of 2 years, albeit the previous one tends to lay it down easy and surreptitiously does the repairs over time.😄 - Benny Lim
My long lasting issue was finally resolved. Highly recommended!
Posted on 11-Feb-2020
Overall Rating:
I guess most of us were in this vicious cycle of going to multiple workshops, and feeling disappointed Everytime. My experience totally changed when I dropped by TT Motorsport yesterday. My long lasting issue was finally resolved. More than that, Ken was friendly and prompt in answering my queries over WhatsApp, and the mechanics were very professional, took time to explain how to maintain the car and most importantly, do not upsell and will even advise you not to change certain parts now and waste money. Such work etiquette is very rarely seen now. definitely worth the drive from East to here. highly recommended!! - Royston Tan
No hardselling
Posted on 05-Feb-2020
Overall Rating:
No hardselling. Very detailed explaining by ken and his mechanics. - Teh Andrew